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    Zion – Mt. Carmel Highway



    Do you like driving with no time-table to be kept? Love the outdoors? There is nothing better than to get out on the open back highway roads to cruise and take in all your surroundings. Don’t you agree?

    Well, let us fill you in on one of our most favorite Southern Utah stretches of highway; The Zion – Mt. Carmel Highway stretch is a unique and breathtaking stretch of road to cruise nice and slow as you enjoy the majestic views all around. Obviously, if you are already vacationing with us and in Zion for the day, it is an absolute must to drive a little further to the junction where you will get to drive through the ‘tunnel’ too. Driving through the tunnel is definitely a highlight of the drive I think; the tunnel is just a little over a mile long. If you think of how it was built it is pretty mind blowing! As you take the drive, enjoy the switchbacks, take in the grandeur of Zion National Park and majestic views that are surrounding you, stop at the ‘pullouts’ along the road and snap a few pictures too while you’re at it! It is definitely one for the books that’s for sure!

    However, if you aren’t already in Zion you can create your own little round-trip from St. George and back for the day. A nice round-trip would be if you left St. George headed to Springdale to the entrance of Zion National Park and since during the summer months you can’t drive through Zion National Park you have to stay on the Zion – Mt. Carmel Highway and that leads you up to the Mt. Carmel Junction (Hwy 89). You can then turn back around and take in completely different views if you head right back towards Zion National Park, or another option would be to head over on the 89 to Kanab. At the Fredonia junction, head back towards St. George. Along the course of your drive you will find various different and unique landscapes; yummy, little, and local restaurants and fun shops to stop at along the way; and most of all, you can enjoy the old back highways that were created to just ‘cruise’ along the open road and just enjoy the drive!

    Ready to take a cruise? We can help! Book your reservations with us today and take advantage of our summer special running now through August! Come and enjoy an affordable and an extremely fun vacation destination to St. George, Utah! It doesn’t get any better than the warm sunshine and endless outdoor adventures! Hop in the car and cruise on down here…

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