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Utah Named Most Charitable State


It’s no surprise, Utah has – for many years – been recognized as the #1 state in the nation for volunteerism.  Utahn’s in large numbers – approximately 50% of every man and women and most teenagers – are scoutmasters, ticket takers, literacy tutors, mentors for at risk kids, volunteer soccer, softball, basketball coaches, and many other assignments – are willingly donating time, talents and obviously financial support without any expectation of remuneration.

A new recognition for the Beehive State is as the most “generous” state in the nation, as measured by thirteen indicators of charitable giving and volunteering, in a recent report from Wallet Hub, a service of Evolution Finance.

To arrive at this designation, measured the percentage of income donated, rate of volunteering, hours volunteered per capita, percentage of the population who donates time and money, percentage of the population who donates collected and/or distributed food and clothing, number of public charities per capita, percentage of sheltered homeless, and whether there is a community service requirement for high school graduation.  When all the data was collected and analyzed 2016’s Most and Least Charitable States ranked Utah as the most generous state, as it did last year, followed by Minnesota, North Dakota, Maryland, and Oklahoma. According to this same source, the states least likely to open their pocketbooks or give of their time and resources as Arizona, California, Texas, Nevada, and Hawai’i.

Among the poorest states, but whose citizenry are also still charitable, were West Virginia, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, while the residents of California, Hawai’i, Texas, Rhode Island and Massachusetts were found to be the richest but least charitable.

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