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Top 5 Family Friendly Hikes – St. George, Utah

When you come to visit St. George Resort Rentals are you often wondering which adventures you can take your kiddos on? We understand that can sometimes be quite a dilemma. However, Mother Nature always provides here in the beautiful Southwest! If you are looking to get out, explore, or hike around some, but not wanting to have it take up the entire day, (because lets be real, that is not happening with the littles right?) then we have a handful of trails/hikes to share with you! If you happen to have a little over an hour or even two hours to set aside to get out and enjoy the lovely scenery, get the wiggles out of the little ones, and burn off some of that extra energy, then you should consider venturing on one of these family friendly hikes. Most of the hikes we suggest will take less than two hours roundtrip, but a couple just a little longer. All of these trails/hikes are in or nearby St. George so that you don’t have a long drive to get to them before you even get on the hike! Nothing better than getting out and enjoying the fresh air and beautiful Mother Nature!

Here are our top 5 Family Friendly Hikes in/around St. George, Utah:

  1. White Rocks Trail in Snow Canyon
  2. Johnson Canyon Trail 
  3. Temple Quarry Trail 
  4. Anasazi Valley Trail
  5. Elephant Arch Trail

When you are ready to take a real adventure, browse through one of these family friendly hikes and try and hit the trails as a family. Your kids imaginations will let loose, being outside and getting fresh air is a cure-all for fussiness and agitation, and most importantly, you are showing your children how to have an active lifestyle. Your family adventure awaits you here at one of our Five Seasons Vacation Rentals!

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