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    Tonaquint Nature Center


    Have you come across the Tonaquint Nature Center yet? If not, make your way over there because you are missing out on this lovely mini oasis. Tonaquint Nature Center is located just west of Southgate Golf Course and you are bound to enjoy some peace and quiet, that is unless there is an event taking place. If so, plan another day! It is what one would refer to as a little hidden gem in the middle of St. George and it is nestled right along the Santa Clara River.

    • Take in the songs of all the birds that call Tonaquint Nature Center home.
    • Observe the playful ducks and swans as they stir about in the pond.
    • Enjoy the sounds of the Santa Clara River as the water slowly ripples by, or stop and cool your feet off.
    • Try and count the numerous lizards that will cross your path in every direction.
    • Sit and enjoy a book in the amphitheatre or bring along a bag of costumes for the kids to put on an impromptu skit!
    • Take pleasure in the trails that go through the Tonaquint Nature Center. You can stay within, or venture out and enjoy the St. George trail system.

    Here: you can view a video of the Tonaquint Nature Center for a better idea of what can be expected. Pretty certain you will enjoy it anytime of the year!

    Alone or with a group, Tonaquint Nature Center is the perfect place to get out and enjoy your surroundings without feeling like you are in the heart of town. However, let’s not forget that just within the same parking area and walking distance is the Tonaquint Park. This particular park has a number of amenities within it such as a playground, covered pavilion with picnic tables, and tennis courts too!  You can find all the amenities included at the park here.

    The best part is that Tonaquint Nature Center and the Tonaquint Park are just minutes away from our Resorts that are just up the road! You can easily jump in the car, or grab your bikes and hop on the trailhead and make your way down to enjoy a fun-filled afternoon at Tonaquint Nature Center!

    The Tonaquint Nature Center is located at:

    1851 South Dixie Drive
    St. George, UT 84770

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