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Things To Do In Downtown St. George

stgdowntownWhen staying with St. George Resort Rentals in St. George, Utah, you must plan to visit the Downtown Historic District. There are a number of great local restaurants, local boutiques, historic museums, a variety of art galleries that have some really great pieces of art displayed, not to mention all the different activities that are available for all ages! The St. George Downtown Historic District is a great place to gather to eat, play, and shop!

Museums & Art Galleries:

Attractions & Entertainment

Local Dining

Services & Shopping

All of these locations are conveniently located Downtown St. George and within walking distance to one another. To best locate these spots would be off of St. George`s Exit 8 at the cross-sections of St. George Blvd. and Main St.

Downtown St. George is a fantastic gathering place to take in the beautiful art by local artisans, get a little taste of our community`s history, a spot to find the perfect souvenir, and a place to experience one of a kind local restaurants. if you would like more additional information on the Downtown St. George, visit We hope that you come stay with St. George Resort Rentals real soon! There is always something happening Downtown St. George! We have the perfect spot for you and your family when you choose to come and stay with us!

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