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St. George Water Walk

 The Water Walk, in downtown St. George, meanders for about 6,000 feet from the nature park at Brooks Pond just off Skyline Drive, down Main Street until it reaches the Town Square.

In the early days of St. George, Brooks Pond was a watering hole where area children could play in the water to cool off on those sizzling hot summer days before air-conditioning.  Lifetime residents of Utah’s Dixie remember the water running down both sides of Main Street, providing a steady source of irrigation for those living downhill in the middle of town, but also as a place where they, as little children, could float leaves or race handmade paper boats. 

The water at Brooks Pond is off limits to kids of all ages, and has been for many years, but even if you can’t get wet, it is still an interesting destination.  The downhill stroll is also worth an hour or two of your time as it takes you past numerous pioneer homes, including famed author Juanita Brooks, who wrote the then-controversial “Mountain Meadow Massacre” and other acclaimed writings about the American West and early Mormon history.  Along your walk from Brooks Pond to Town Square you will also find many interesting historic sites, including the St. George Opera House and St. George Social Hall.   

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