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St. George, Utah – Sugarloaf (aka Dixie Rock)

st george dixie rock

Have you come to visit St. George, Utah and hear the locals talk about the `Sugarloaf`?  Well…do you really have any idea what they are talking about? For those of you who have visited us here in St. George for a number of years or even those of you who are visiting St. George Resort Rentals for the first time, you are sure to see it and hear someone talk about it too. The Sugarloaf is a beautiful location up in the red sandstone rocks and is a lookout of the city of St. George. You can best identify this spot because “DIXIE” is painted on the red sandstone in big white letters!

After having lived here in St. George, I notice that younger generations will refer to it as Dixie Rock, whereas if you speak to someone who has deep family roots here, you will hear it referred to as The Sugarloaf, especially from the elder locals here in town. Whatever one calls it, The Sugarloaf is a great spot to get out and explore the red rocks while staying close to town’s proximity! It is pretty easy hiking around up there with plenty of parking close by and lots of picnic tables to enjoy some snacks or even have lunch if you wanted. If you do make your way up to the Dixie Rock, be sure to make your way through the small slot canyon, up the carved stairs, and over the steel bridge. That will lead you to an incredible outlook point of St. George, Utah as you look to the South and views of Snow Canyon as you look to the West.

Just below the Dixie Rock is Red Hills Parkway and parallel with the road is a nice paved walking, running, biking trail system. It is a great way to take in the city views and take in the nice Southern Utah fresh air. So gather your family together and come down and stay with St. George Resort Rentals and come and experience all the adventure to be had at St. George`s very own Sugarloaf….or Dixie Rock!

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