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    St. George, Utah | A Walk Through History

    One of the many things we love about St. George is all of the history that our charming little city has right in the heart of downtown St. George. Locals and tourists alike have the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful and historic buildings in the west. There is so much that can be learned when visiting any of these sites, whether one is interested in religion, architecture, woodwork, photography, or all of them, you will definitely enjoy the tours and be glad you did not skip out!

    Quick History

    St. George was originally settled by 309 families that were called to establish the area under the direction of Brigham Young in 1861 as a cotton mission. This area was named after an Apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, George A. Smith. The early settlers did in fact grow cotton to be self-sufficient during the time of the American Civil War, but never in the competitive market. One can often hear St. George being referred to as “Utah’s Dixie” for that very reason.

    To this day there are multiple historic buildings here in St. George, Utah to visit and to learn more about the early St. George settlers. Here are a few notable buildings and sites that are definitely worth stopping by for a quick tour when coming to visit St. George:

    St. George, Utah Temple

    St. George, Utah Temple

    The St. George, Utah Temple was completed in 1877 and was specifically designed to sit in the center of town. It was the first completed temple in Utah and is currently still in operation for the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. There is a Visitors Center on the temple grounds also available to the public to visit and tour.

    Brigham Young Winter House

    Brigham Young Winter House

    The Brigham Young Winter Home is a historic residence that was built in 1871 and is now currently open to the public as a museum. The early settlers built the home for Brigham young, who at the time was the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Much of the home was built using many of the common resources that are found in the area and other nearby places, such as the sandstone, wood from the Pine Valley Mountain Wilderness, and not to mention most of the furniture in the home built by Brigham Young himself. It is a beautiful home and it is popular among many local photographers for photography sessions.

    St. George, Utah Tabernacle

    St. George, Utah Tabernacle

    The St. George, Utah Tabernacle is yet another popular historic building to visit downtown. The Tabernacle was originally built to be the city’s public works building, to host court hearings, hold church services, and other public events. It was completed in 1876 and was nicknamed “jewel of the desert.” It is still open today to tour and it continues to hold a number of different community events.

    When visiting any or all of these buildings, enjoy all of the beautiful detail that was done by hand by the early settlers of St. George. It is incredible to see such amazing buildings still in working order after over one hundred thirty years ago.

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