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    Mother Nature Lives Here

    mother-nature-lives-hereEarly Mormon scout Parley P. Pratt, upon arriving in the hot, desolate and bug-infested area which would become St. George, wrote in his journal of an area, “ … showing no signs of water or fertility … a wide expanse of chaotic matter presented itself, huge hills, sandy deserts, cheerless, grassless plains, perpendicular rocks, loose barren clay, dissolving beds of sandstone … lying in inconceivable confusion – in short, a country in ruins, dissolved by the pelting of the storm of ages, or turned inside out, upside down by terrible convulsions in some former age.”

    Times have changed, but this beautiful red rock country which makes up Washington County, Utah is still spectacular more than 150 years later.  Just look out your window here at Five Seasons Vacation or St. George Resort  to get your fill our of  famous 360-degree Kodak moments of what historian Juanita Brooks described as “everything left over from the creation, dumped here, then set it on fire.”

    Our red rocks attract geologists from all over the world to study the craggy landscape and the Hurricane fault line, which is clearly visible for 50 miles from the Black Ridge, south of Cedar City to the Arizona border.

    World class outdoor recreation has also grown up around this amazing landscape.  For instance, there are 15 golf courses within a 50-mile radius.  St. George has a system with miles of both paved and natural surface trails for biking, walking and running connecting population centers throughout St. George, without ever getting in your car.  Zion National Park is one of the nation’s favorite natural wonders and sporting events, such as the St. George Marathon (the nation’s 13th largest and one of the most beautiful marathons in the country now in its 39th year), the Iron Man competition, and the Huntsman World Senior Games (the world’s largest sporting event with more than 10,500 participants in town for two weeks) draw thousands of participants and their friends and family every year.

    Tired of the snow, inversions and the cold?  The answer to the winter blahs is a reservation for a vacation getaway in southern Utah’s red rock country.  It’s as easy as making an online reservation by filling out the form on this page … Then pack your bags!

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