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    Lakes and Reservoirs

    Beaver Dam State Park, NV

    Beaver Dam State Park is in Nevada just on the border with Utah. It is full of beautiful canyons and pinion pine forests that accent the red rocks of the area.

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    Gunlock Reservoir State Park

    Gunlock Reservoir is a Utah State Park just northwest of St. George. It is a fun place to camp, boat, swim, and fish. Sometimes throughout the year it is closed to motorists.

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    Lake Mead National Recreation Area

    Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Eastern Nevada along Interstate 15 is mainly used by boaters and campers. Boaters particularly enjoy Lake Mead since it is warmer than other lakes. Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States in maximum water capacity.

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    Lake Powell

    Lake Powell is a large artificial lake formed by damning the Colorado River a couple hours east of St. George. People flock there for water fun and the chance to explore many side canyons filled with spectacular rock formations and Indian ruins.

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    Navajo Lake

    Navajo Lake is located in Dixie National Forest near Cedar City. It is one of the southernmost alpine lakes in the country, and its high elevation allows it to have a thick forest that sets it apart from the surrounding desert.

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    Quail Creek Reservoir

    Quail Creek Reservoir is 14 miles north of St. George on Interstate 15. Area residents love to come here during the summer to boat, swim, and fish. Purportedly, the largemouth bass hatchery here is the best in Utah.

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    Sand Hollow Reservoir

    Sand Hollow Reservoir is one of Utah’s newest stake parks; in fact, the reservoir was opened to the public in April 2003. It has quickly become a popular spot for boating and swimming. It is just northeast of St. George.

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