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    Snow Canyon

    Hikes and Trails

    Do you have favorite hikes or trailheads that you like to visit and explore when you come to stay with us at one of our St. George Resort Rentals? I know, there are so many to select from that it is difficult to just have only a few. However, a few of my favorites are just so close to town and have incredible views at the lookouts!

    A couple of my favorites hikes/trails include:

    Red Mountain Trail:

    It is just a little bit up the highway into Dammeron Valley, but I promise it is worth it! The hike is pretty simple and is does not have a huge climb in elevation so it is a great trail for the entire family! You begin at the Red Mountain Trail and it forks to the Snow Canyon Overlook. Once you get to this overlook point you will not believe your eyes. You can see forever it seems! Being able to see the views of Snow Canyon and be able to observe the various rock formations is awesome! So if you haven’t ever been here, make sure you put it on your must do list for your next visit because this view is as majestic as being up in Zion! More Info »

    Cinder Cone:

    This is a unique little hike, especially being able to hike the Cinder Cone that created a lot of the lava flow that covers a lot of this area. Although this hike is short in distance, it makes up for it in the climb! Some parts are especially steep and a little difficult due to the lava rock. Be extremely cautious so you don’t slip! Once you are to the top you have an incredible 360 Degree view! More Info »

    Owens Loop:

    This is such a fun trail loop because of all of the different views of St. George that you get to see and yet be surrounded by all of the beautiful red rock landscape! This is a great trail for beginners or if you are looking for a hike/trail that can be complete without difficulty. Grab your bike or gather the family, because either way you will enjoy it! More Info »

    Fall is an especially a great time to get out and enjoy the Southern Utah Sunshine at one of our St. George Resorts! What are you waiting for? Get down here and come enjoy all that St. George has to offer!

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