In Utah’s Dixie, now currently the nation’s 6th fastest-growing city, the “other religion” is … golf!

The idea of golf as a leisure-time activity in St. George took more than a few years to catch on and a whole lot of resistance by residents and local leaders alike, but now with 13 courses, not including one in Cedar City – 50 miles to the north – and three in Mesquite – 35 miles to the south – St. George has become a golf mecca.

Here in a community where golf and religion run neck-in-neck for devotion among their followers, our peak golfing season begins when the snow flies in northern Utah (the heaviest use between Christmas and Easter), pretty much skips all of June, July and August, then picks up again in October. Like the Canadian geese which descend on the community when the weather begins to warm – or cool – vacationers and snowbirds arrive in large numbers for spectacular springtime or perfect fall weather play on world-class desert courses as well as popular standard links.

Plan ahead for tee times if you want to spend a few hours or a few days on any of these amazing courses during your stay in St. George – especially in the months from mid-February thru April and October until mid-November – because the word is long since out. St. George has great courses … and lots of enthusiastic golfers who want to play. Take your pick of any of the courses listed below then come back again-and-again to play them all.

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