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Dishing the Dirt on St. George

It’s all around the St. George area, but even if you can’t identify it at first sight, it has probably negatively affected someone you know here or maybe a business owner.  “Blue clay” is a generic term for one of several expansive soils with the ability to seriously damage roads and sidewalks as well as the foundation and structural integrity of your family home or business building. 

Most often a bluish/purple colored clay found in the Chinle geologic formation, the term “Blue Clay” is most closely related to caliche or bentonite soil made up of ultra-fine sediments left by ancient lakes and rivers, even volcanic ash.

Still the culprit isn’t necessarily the clay itself, but rather the moisture it soaks up like a sponge, causing the clay to expand or contract.

Luckily, local builders have long since found a variety of methods for addressing blue clay issues in construction.   Nevertheless, if you are visiting in St. George for a looksee with the possibility of moving here, any construction projects you expect to complete will likely require soils testing … just to be sure this often hidden menace doesn’t create a problem.

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