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Coolest Desert Town – St. George, Utah

zion national parkDo you agree that St. George, Utah is one of ‘America’s Coolest Desert Towns’? We sure do! Travel+Leisure does too! Travel+Leisure mentioned St. George in a recent article here:

When you come and visit us at St. George Resort Rentals, you have endless options on new adventures! Some of the adventures in the desert can include:

  • hiking
  • biking
  • visiting Snow Canyon St. Park
  • visiting Zion National Park
  • taking a scenic drive to the Grand Canyon’s North Rim
  • walking trails through the beautiful St. George red rocks
  • escape over to Mesquite for the evening to hit up the Casinos
  • enjoy a spa day
  • visit one of the areas lake/reservoir to go fishing or other water sports

St. George is an extremely cool dessert town, we will not argue with Travel+Leisure on that at all! As mentioned, there are a number of activities and adventures to be had while staying among the red rocks of St. George, Utah. All you have to do is be willing to try them out! Don’t be afraid of what adventure lies ahead, embrace it, enjoy it, and go full throttle while you’re on vacation! Take it all in while you visit one of ‘America’s Coolest Desert Towns!

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