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Twenty-four exceptional landscape artists will take part in the upcoming Plein Air Art Invitational at Zion National Park during the first full week of November running from Nov. 7 – 13 … and you are invited to join them.  Plein air is a French term for “of or relating to painting in outdoor daylight” or “works begun and finished entirely outdoors, on location and from life.  Period.”

Celebrating the role art has played in the creation and history of the popular 226-square mile Zion National Park which sees more than 3.5 million visitors a year, the Plein Air Art Invitational is a unique opportunity to watch and interact with amazing artists at work.  And, while you are there, you might also enjoy attending daily painting demonstrations and evening lectures as well as a paint-out and auction on Saturday, November 12 capping the week of celebration.  Then another 150 paintings go on sale at the Zion Human History Museum on Saturday, November 12 and Sunday, November 13.

Funds raised through the plein air event are donated to the Zion National Park Foundation to support important projects including the successful Zion Youth Education Initiative, which creates opportunities to bring school children into the park for potentially life-changing educational experiences. If you can only visit the park once this year, this is the ideal time to come.

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Looking for a cool opportunity on a hot summer day … or a relaxing activity after hiking in Zion National Park? The Zion Cinemax, just outside the gates of Zion National Park, might be your answer. There are three films to choose from … “Treasure of the Gods” is an historical account of the region featuring great scenery and interesting folklore. “National Parks Adventure,” narrated by Robert Redford, is an amazing view of parts of Zion Canyon you might never see in any other way, but this one ends on October 31.

The third big screen offering is a currently-playing feature length motion picture. And did we say “big screen?” In a traditional IMAX theater setting, the screen is 9x’s the size of a regular neighborhood theater screen. Oh, and the theater is clean, the staff is friendly and prices are “affordable” or “expensive” depending on your frame of reference. Check out the Zion Cinemax, pretty impressive for a small town setting, and a movie-watching experience you won’t get at home.

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Lovers of Yahtzee, Memory, Monopoly, Jenga and Trekker, are invited to play the national park versions of these popular board games at the St. George Art Museum from 6 – 8 pm on the first Monday night of each month through the end of the year.

This fun activity at 47 E. 200 North is an opportunity to also see the national park art currently on display throughout 2016 in celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the National Park system.

Don’t know the rules of the games?  The museum promises to have knowledgeable helpers on site to assist where needed.  Sign-ups are encouraged but not mandatory with regular admission fee of $3 or free to museum members. 

Game nights are scheduled during the centennial year of the National Park System and during the St. George Art Museum’s yearlong tribute to national park art.  So mark your calendar for Monday, May 2, June 6, August 1, October 3, November 7 and December 5, invite friends and family members to join in the fun, then call 435-627-4525 to register for play or for more information.

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From late March to mid-May, the southern Utah desert comes alive with color when wildflowers dot the landscape making such places as Snow Canyon State Park, Zion National Park and the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve a tourists’ delight!  Here in Washington County, at the unique confluence of three ecosystems – the Mojave and Great Basin deserts and the Colorado Plateau – a plethora of early season flowers include spectacle pod, desert marigolds. Fiddleneck, elegant lupine, Palmer penstemon, firecracker penstemon, sego lily, yellow evening primrose, pale evening primrose, globemallow, desert 4 O’clock, purple sage, indigo bush and desert willow. Blooms on prickly pear cactus and purple torch plants come later in the season, but are usually worth the wait.

When viewing wildflowers in our high desert, you are encouraged to stay on well-established trails, even when picture taking since the desert soil is itself, a living organism critical to the ecosystem.  And, please don’t pick the flowers.  Leave them for others to enjoy. 

When taking in the beauty of our wildflowers, be sure to bring along your camera – and it can’t be said too often – always be certain to bring bottled water, a hat and sunscreen!

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The Hurricane Canal, which for more than 80 years carried Virgin River water from the “upriver” communities of Springdale, Rockville and Virgin to homes and farms on the Hurricane Bench, is an engineering miracle.  The story of its construction by second-generation settlers is one of backbreaking labor, creative innovation and sustained determination against the odds. 

The canal is a suspended rock-lined delivery channel on the hillside on your right, clearly visible to tourists and residents traveling to Zion National Park.  You may not recognize it as you motor through small communities and up the hill toward the park, but this 17.5-mile waterway was chipped through rock cliffs by 3 – 300 laborers using only picks and shovels – and an occasional blast of dynamite – to bring water to the parched Hurricane Valley.  Today, there are other water sources for farming and ranching in this part of Washington County, but it is thanks to a handful of visionary men committed to stay put and raise their families here that the Hurricane Canal was built.

The Hurricane Canal, dry since 1985, is now a pleasant and memorable hike.  There are places where the canal has been ravaged by years of neglect, and there are the anticipated critters along the way, so hikers should be alert but will certainly find lots to enjoy, including seashells along your way – left over from the ancient Lake Bonneville which millions of years ago covered this part of Utah to the tops of the mesas. 

A word of warning:  hiking the Hurricane Canal is not advised in the heat of the summer.  Despite its name and history, there is no water anywhere along the way.  Exploring the canal is something you will want to do on your vacation in Southern Utah, but it is best done in the cool part of the year (mid-November to mid-February) and always with reliable, close-toed shoes, a big brimmed hat and lots of bottled water.

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Zion Canyon Theatre is definitely a unique big screen and it just so happens to be in our neck of the woods. The Zion Canyon theatre is actually the largest screen in all of Utah and even one of the biggest in the world!

  • Zion Canyon Theatre opened on May 26, 1994
  • Largest screen in all of Utah
  • Measures 60 feet high and 82 feet across
  • Has a “Stacked Projection System” which allows them to show 3D films
  • Their digital surround sound system is capable of 22,000 watts
  • Located at the mouth of Zion National Park
  • Shows documentaries and Hollywood featured films

The documentary “Zion Canyon – Treasure of the Gods” is a great film to go and see if you don’t have the time to get out and explore Zion National Park like you want to! Zion Canyon Theatre says this about the film “Zion Canyon – Treasure of the Gods”: “Stretching across time and seasons, Treasure of the Gods helps visitors explore the hidden depths and the legends of Zion National Park and the great southwestern Indian Lands.

Another great thing about Zion Canyon Theatre is that they also show Hollywood films! Watching it on a screen as big as this one, makes you feel like you are in the film – it’s pretty incredible and well worth it to go and see a film there! Check their site here for their Hollywood featured film, as it changes every couple of weeks.

So as you venture up to Zion be sure to stop in to Zion Canyon Theatre to be in awe of how awesome the theatre is all in itself, but seeing a show is for sure the added bonus! Don’t miss out!

If you are old enough to remember the theme song from the old TV show “The Beverly Hillbillies” you are probably humming it right now. 

Washington County’s history includes a brief venture into the production of oil when “black gold” was discovered in the small town of Virgin, Utah not far from Zion National Park.  In about 1930, drillers struck oil at 480 feet.  Pumps installed brought only about 15 gallons a day to the surface, but the small success – especially during the Great Depression years – encouraged local businessmen to try another well.  At 739 feet, they struck oil again – and hot sulphur water.  Although an attempt was made to cap the well, it continued to produce a steady flow in equal parts of oil and hot sulphur water, until the early 1960’s.

Although Virgin’s oil business experienced only limited success, the town did produce stove oil used throughout the territory for many years; and, a derivative of Virgin’s oil was used on area dirt roads to control dust, since water – then and now – was at a premium in the desert.  Estimates of wells dug in the area number in the thousands, though Virgin’s venture into the petroleum market generated only poor quality  products local residents nicknamed “stinkoline.”

You’ll pass through Virgin, Utah on your next visit to Zion National Park, although there isn’t anything left to see of the once “thriving” Southern Utah oil industry.  And, to enjoy the beautiful accommodations waiting for you at St. George Resort Rentals  you won’t need black gold. We look forward to serving your vacation needs whether for a week or a month.

Zion National Park Free Days


Wanting to plan a trip to one of the most beautiful and majestic place in southern Utah? Zion National Park is just that and happens to be a great place to get out and enjoy the beautiful and peaceful outdoor settings while planning your next stay in St. George! Zion National Park is definitely a must see, must visit and explore kind of place.

One can only describe and share photos so many times with others before they NEED to experience Zion National Park for themselves! Hop on the shuttle,  walk the river-walk, plan/go for a hike, photograph the landscape and the wildlife, float the river, drive Mt. Carmel Hwy….to be honest, the list is endless on things you can do on your trip for the day to Zion National Park and extremely well worth it! Zion National Park is just about 45 minutes from our St. George, Utah Resorts.

All of the National Parks happen to have a number of days throughout the year where each of the parks entrance fee is waived! Zion National Park has put together the dates for 2015 dates that will have the entry to the park waived for all of it’s guests!

The following days include:

  • February 14th to February 16th – President’s Day Weekend
  • April 18th to April 19th – National Park Week’s Opening Weekend
  • August 25th – National Park Service’s Birthday
  • September 26th – National Public Lands Day
  • November 11th – Veteran’s Day

So now decide if these are dates you want to work around to help out with your vacation’s budget, or dates that you want to completely avoid because of the likelihood of the high volume of guests that are too planning to take advantage of the waived entry fees!

While you’re here on our page, be sure to check availability and book your next St. George Utah Vacation with us today!

Zion National Park boasts some of the world’s best canyon hiking trails, which never disappoint. From rushing rivers and streams to impressive spires and steep canyon sides, hikes through Zion National Park are unique and fun. Some trails require permits while others do not, so find out before setting out on one of the many trails available to hikers. Each trail has its own challenges and breathtaking scenes.

The Narrowsare perhaps one of the most popular trails in Zion with 3.1 miles that follows the Virgin River. The trail begins and ends at Temple of Sinawava. This trail is perfect for a hot day because hikers walk through water most of the time. If you want to add on to that 3.1 miles, you can follow the trail up to Orderville Gulch which will add 2.5 miles onto your hike, right into the canyon. Many hikers take the trail to the top and then hike back down to Temple of Sinawava. If you want to go even further, consider Chamberlain Ranch down to Temple of Sinawava, a 16 mile route with the trailhead located near the North Fork Road. Permits are required for this trail.

Angel’s Landingis a 2.5 mile hike perfect for the thrill seeker as it takes hikers to the top of Angel’s Landing, a sandstone fin 1,488 above the floor of the canyon. This trail begins across from the Grotto Picnic Area at Zion Canyon where the terrain is pretty flat until the series of switchbacks leads hikers to Refrigerator Canyon. After Refrigerator Canyon, hikers navigate through 21 switchbacks, known as Walter’s Wiggles. Hikers then reach the ridge at Scouts Lookout where you climb the challenging Hogsback, which is very steep and has chains to help you stay on the edge of the cliff. Finally, you reach the final stop of Angel’s Landing Summit. This trail is very steep but fairly easy to maneuver.

The Subway, named after the 4 mile pipeline gorge, is a strenuous trail that requires hikers to swim, climb and hike. The trail follows the North Creek the entire way. Most hikers take this trail from the top down, with a hike that includes rappelling and climbing down through waterfalls. This trail begins at the Wildcat Trailhead, The subway lower end wraps up the trail with a small waterfall where you then hike downstream to the Left Fork Trailhead where you then climb out of the canyon and catch the shuttle. Shuttle and permits are required for this trail.

After a long day of hiking on any one of these trails, enjoy a beautiful and rejuvenating stay at Cable Mountain Lodge, nestled just near the cliffs of Zion National Park. Guests can rest, relax, and enjoy a swim in the heated pool overlooking the Virgin River and Zion Canyon. This Zion lodge also features a pub, market, and free shuttle service.  

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