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    Living here in St. George, Utah we know that many of you like to come and visit family and friends for and during the holidays. We also know that those friends and family don’t always have enough room in their home to host your whole family or group in their home during your stay. We also know that many of your first initial thoughts are to just book a hotel and it will be for “sleeping” only and you can hang out and enjoy your holiday itinerary with your friends and family at their place. Sound about right to you?

    May we fill you in on something? Booking a vacation rental with St. George Resort Rentals instead of a St. George, Utah hotel during your holiday vacation could potentially be less per night depending on the size of your group. To many of you it is surprising to hear that a beautiful and spacious condo is comparable in price to a night in a stuffy and crammed hotel room. What you may not know is that the amenities that come with the St. George Resort Rental vacation condo alone far surpass what you are getting at a hotel.

    Take a look at these St. George Resort Rentals diagrams to help you better decide on where you’re going to stay during the upcoming holidays to St. George, Utah:

    Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 4.34.37 PM


    When you are on vacation are you always on the go? Sometimes we go and go and crash mid trip. Why not book yourself a getaway with St. George Resort Rentals where you can get a little relaxation in too? Don’t wait…get yourself a reservation in one of our cozy condos and not only enjoy all the adventures in St. George, but also treat yourself to a little rest and relaxation while you’re at it! It is the perfect remedy!

    Here are a few ideas we think will help you unwind:

    • Put your feet up and relax on the couch or recliner
    • BBQ on your patio overlooking the pool (where you can still watch the kids swim & play)
    • Rent or watch a movie (all of our vacation rentals have DVD players and a number of them already have DVD’s available for your entertainment too)
    • Gather at the dining table as a family for games or to play cards
    • Stay in and cook a meal rather than going out
    • Enjoy all the space rather than being crammed in a hotel room all together.

    Sometimes a night in is just what you need after a long day of lots of fun and adventure here in the desert. The St. George sunshine can oftentimes take the energy right out of you!

    Be sure to take a look at the variety of private vacation homes and condos that St. George Resort Rentals has available. We promise that you will be able to not only have lots of fun, but enjoy and relax while on your next trip to St. George, Utah.


    Who doesn’t love Spring skiing/snowboarding? I don’t know anyone that doesn’t! So many of our St. George Resort Rental guests love to come and stay with us, but escape for the day to hit the Southern Utah slopes up at Brian Head Resort. Right now the snow is great and the temperatures up on the mountain are even better! Did you know that Brian Head Resort is just under an hour and a half from St. George (mostly all interstate)? It is an easy drive up to “The Greatest Snow on Earth” to Brian Head Resort!

    Brian Head Resort has recently done various upgrades to the resort, the most notable being ‘Giant Steps Express.’ Giant Steps Express is the newest high-speed detachable quad chairlift. This lift replaced chair #2 and now Giant Steps Express gets you up to the top of the mountain in half the time! (Think of all the extra runs you can get in with all that extra time!)

    Brian Head Resort covers just over 650 acres of Utah’s famous powder! It also is currently running 8 chairlifts and has 71 runs! Brian Head Resort is such a great place for both novice and advanced skiers and snowboarders and is an extremely family friendly resort. The resort itself connects the two mountains, Giant Steps and Navajo, together, so there are plenty of runs to explore throughout the day.

    This 2014-2015 Season at Brian Head Resort is celebrating 50 years and you can get full day Monday-Friday weekday lift tickets for just $35! How awesome is that?! It will be the best $35 you spend for the day!

    Not only can you head up to Brian Head to go skiing or snowboarding, but they have an incredibly fun tube hill that is located at the Navajo Tube Hill.  For more information on the resort and the tube hill visit:

    Be sure to plan your next getaway to one of our inviting St. George Resort Rentals and plan an afternoon to escape up to Brian Head Resort to get in some of the best Spring skiing/snowboarding in. Be sure to have a T-shirt on hand, you probably won’t need your parka!

    Fill out the form on this page to find one of our St. George Resort Rentals that will work best for you and your budget!

    Most people who live in the United States are not aware how amazing the country really is. They have no idea of how much natural beauty can be found in the country. All they get to see is the big cities and the big amusement parks when they go on a vacation. If they knew about the history of Zion’s National Park they might want to find out some more information about visiting it.

    The park is located in the southwest part of the United States. Its 229 square miles are located near Springdale, Utah. The park features a canyon that runs for 15 miles. Visitors to the park will see a wide variety of both plant and animal life.

    Native Americans were the first humans to inhabit the area over 8,000 years ago. Several different tribes called this area home throughout the centuries. The white man first started settling in the area in the early 1860’s when the Mormons began to relocate to the area. The area was declared a National Monument in 1909 by President William Howard Taft. It was given the name Makuntuweap National Monument. The name was changed in to Zion National Park in 1918 by the newly created National Park Service.

    The name Zion was chosen by the park service because they thought it would appeal to a much larger audience at the time. An additional section of the park that was called the Kolob section became a part of the park in 1956.

    Visitors to the park will be able to marvel at the canyons that have been formed through 150 million years of nature’s handiwork. She has managed to create 9 different recognizable formations in the park.

    There have been many modern amenities added to the park to make it more accessible to visitors in more recent times. The Zion Canyon Scenic Drive provides visitors with a road that allows them to drive through the park. In the 1990’s the park service added a bus shuttle service to ease the traffic that had grown on the scenic drive. The buses use propane gas powered engines that are more environmentally friendly.

    Some of the popular activities for visitors include hiking on the different trails and rock climbing. The pictures that can be taken in this national park are often breathtakingly beautiful. A trip to Zion National Park will allow people to see a part of the United States that most people are not aware of. It is definitely something that is worth seeing and learning about. It is also one of those areas that are regretfully overlooked during vacation planning.

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