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Ironman Running

Ironman 70.3

Described as an early-season race with breathtaking American Southwest scenery, and fresh, crisp spring air, the Ironman 70.3 in St. George, UT is considered, “the toughest race I have ever done. I did a full last year and it was easier than this half. I have done three difficult ones, but St. George is so much tougher. I was good until Snow Canyon … about killed me for the run.  They say St. George is the second toughest race there is and I believe it, but what could possibly be the number 1 toughest??? Love the town and the people!!”

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Mulberry Trees

The mulberry tree first put down its roots in St. George in the 1860’s when LDS Church president Brigham Young imported 100,000 from France.  Approximately 2000 mulberry trees were planted here in Southern Utah, thriving in the warm Dixie sunshine providing much needed shade for those early pioneers. But shade was not the only benefit of these fast-growing trees.

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St George Marathon Runners

We admit it!  October is a veritable beehive of activity in St. George, UT.  As a community, we’ve survived our 156th triple-digit summer (only the last 35 or so with the wondrous blessing of air conditioning) and are enjoying cooler temperatures and a huge influx of visitors for our world class and extremely popular events, including the St. George Marathon and the Huntsman World Senior Games.

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