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    Category: How Vacations Decrease Stress

    Let’s face it. With the amount of uncertainties that life offers today, it’s almost impossible to avoid stress. There’s a myriad of causes of stress today, and there’s only so much that can relieve that stress.

    Zion National Park Near St. George, Utah

    It’s actually medical fact that regular vacations (large or small) can drastically decrease the amount of stress in your life and even lower your risk of heart disease. We didn’t make that up.

    Spending a week or two, or even a few days, away from your workplace and other areas of stress can help you to relax your mind and body.

    From experience, whenever I’ve taken a vacation – making sure priorities are taken care of before I leave – things start to clear up. My perspective on certain things changes. My attitude changes. I smile and laugh more. Most importantly, I feel happier and ready for new challenges. All of that comes from taking a few days away from emails and escaping to somewhere I can relax.

    Sunshine is always good during a vacation. It improves your mood and is known to fend off depression. St. George is full of sunshine all year long. When it’s snowing up in Salt Lake, the palm tree are glowing down in St. George. We’re full of vitamin D down here in Southern Utah.

    Some people show up at our St. George vacation rentals a bit flustered and impatient. 2 days later, those same people are relaxed, smiling, and enjoying life. I love seeing that!

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