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    Are you coming to vacation to one of our luxurious St. George, Utah Vacation Rentals and want to enjoy some serious outdoor adventure? Well you are in for a definite treat. If you are interested in exploring new places, the Bloomington Caves is one adventure you do no want to miss out on  – some really great rock climbing (and crawling). The best part is that it is accessible year-round!

    The local BLM field office has set up a great system to allow the public to use this awesome cave where it also allows them to regulate it so that there doesn’t end up being a huge group of people at once, vandalism, or unwanted animals entering the caves. So it is necessary to get a permit before going to the site. You can go to this website to begin your process of obtaining a permit for you and your group to visit the Bloomington Caves just outside of St. George.

    In preparation to go be sure to take a few things that will be extremely useful and make your experience more enjoyable:

    • helmet
    • headlamp (hands-free flashlight)
    • back-up flashlights
    • light pack with water and snacks
    • knee-pads (you do a fair share of crawling)
    • rope
    • good hiking/climbing shoes/boots
    • jacket/sweater

    I recently went with a group of people and among the group were a few experienced climbers (which I was definitely glad to have someone who knew what they were doing). I have been to other caves before, but by no means would I classify myself as an experienced climber.

    To set the mood for you, the sun is beginning to set outside and temperatures are chilly with a slight breeze. As we get to the entrance of the cave you can immediately feel the humidity and warmth as we all began to enter into the cave. A few in the group even had some fogged glasses at first. According to the BLM surveyors the Bloomington Caves are at approximately 58 degrees year-round, but due to the humidity it did feel a little warmer than that.

    As you are inside this incredible tectonic cave you just continue on exploring the maze in front of you. There are different levels to climb, passages to squeeze through narrow spots, some slippery surfaces where you are sliding, and others where you have to literally crawl your way through. The routes have been marked inside the cave, which is extremely helpful since it is so dark inside the caves. It is especially unique as you stop and look around at your surroundings as you are inside the cave. It really is incredible! Look at the formations, faults, soda straws, and other stalagmites – pretty unique I would say! To say the least, it was an amazing new adventure and perfect winter activity!

    To give you a better idea check out this virtual tour created by the local BLM here:

    So for the next time you come and stay with us at one of our St. George Vacation Rentals in St. George, Utah – you will have to be sure and give this a try!

    For more information on the Bloomington Caves go here:

    St. George Children’s Museum

    St. George Children's Museum

    As many of you may or may not know, the city of St. George recently opened a wonderful and interactive Children’s Museum for our community and it’s visitors right in the heart of the city in Town Square! This museum has awesome exhibits, where some are new, but some of the exhibits also originated at other museums – they have all come together so well and children of all ages can enjoy playing, learning, and having fun in each of them! I especially love how the St. George community and it’s history were tied into the exhibits.

    This amazing facility is all volunteer-based. It is so wonderful to observe the gift of creativity and imagination that the volunteers help give each child as they enter into the museum. There is currently not an admission fee when visiting the Children’s Museum, but they do ask for donations to be given if possible to help keep things running!

    There are the two levels at the museum and they are fully utilized for fun in every square inch! The imagination for the kids is endless. A few of my favorite exhibits were:

    • Desert Discovery
    • Skywest Airplane
    • Radio Station and Performance Stage
    • Paper Airplane station

    There really is an exhibit that will cater to every child’s interest – just be careful if you are on a time table because time can easily slip away from you there from having so much fun! It really is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with the kids when you come and stay at one of our St. George Vacation Rentals!

    For more information you can visit their website at

    Utah Dinosaur Vacation

    Many kids growing up are immediately intrigued when they start to learn about dinosaurs. Do you remember your first encounter with some dinosaur fossils? At St. George Dinosaur Discovery, you can literally witness some of the oldest dinosaur tracks on the planet, which date back to about 195 million years ago. This era was just the beginning of the period we now know as the Jurassic Period. These tracks were discovered back in 2000 (which is not that long ago, considering) and since then have become quite the attraction. People want to see evidence that dinosaurs truly existed, and now they can.

    Dr. Sheldon Johnson was doing some work out in St. George, Utah when he came to a hill that needed to be excavated and leveled out. During that dig, he happened to come across perfectly preserved three dimensional dinosaur tracks that have now brought us to a new level of discovery. To date, more than 3500 tracks have been located across ten acres of land. Available on display along with other exhibits, you are welcome to join the staff as well as other onlookers to the Johnson Farm to witness this phenomenon yourself. With so much information to absorb and learn about, Utah has the newest dinosaur attraction that is open to the public seven days a week.

    Scientists have also discovered different tail and skin impressions that clearly show the natural motion of swimming movements. Some other exciting news is that out of only five sitting impressions from a dinosaur, St. George’s houses one of them. Residents had absolutely no idea that such treasures laid right underneath the ground they were walking upon and they may never have known had Dr. Johnson not been leveling out his land. It was just a simple turn of one piece of rock in particular that welcomed everyone into a completely new world of undiscovered territory. Dr. Sheldon Johnson stated that the tracks were clearly visible and there was no mistaking what they were.

    Once discovered, Dr. Johnson sold his property to the town of St. George who in turn assisted with funding so people from around the world could enjoy this spectacular and rare find. If you find that you have some spare time and are in for a great adventure, pack up the dinosaur lovers and do not forget to book your vacation rental with St. George Resort Rentals.

    Most people who live in the United States are not aware how amazing the country really is. They have no idea of how much natural beauty can be found in the country. All they get to see is the big cities and the big amusement parks when they go on a vacation. If they knew about the history of Zion’s National Park they might want to find out some more information about visiting it.

    The park is located in the southwest part of the United States. Its 229 square miles are located near Springdale, Utah. The park features a canyon that runs for 15 miles. Visitors to the park will see a wide variety of both plant and animal life.

    Native Americans were the first humans to inhabit the area over 8,000 years ago. Several different tribes called this area home throughout the centuries. The white man first started settling in the area in the early 1860’s when the Mormons began to relocate to the area. The area was declared a National Monument in 1909 by President William Howard Taft. It was given the name Makuntuweap National Monument. The name was changed in to Zion National Park in 1918 by the newly created National Park Service.

    The name Zion was chosen by the park service because they thought it would appeal to a much larger audience at the time. An additional section of the park that was called the Kolob section became a part of the park in 1956.

    Visitors to the park will be able to marvel at the canyons that have been formed through 150 million years of nature’s handiwork. She has managed to create 9 different recognizable formations in the park.

    There have been many modern amenities added to the park to make it more accessible to visitors in more recent times. The Zion Canyon Scenic Drive provides visitors with a road that allows them to drive through the park. In the 1990’s the park service added a bus shuttle service to ease the traffic that had grown on the scenic drive. The buses use propane gas powered engines that are more environmentally friendly.

    Some of the popular activities for visitors include hiking on the different trails and rock climbing. The pictures that can be taken in this national park are often breathtakingly beautiful. A trip to Zion National Park will allow people to see a part of the United States that most people are not aware of. It is definitely something that is worth seeing and learning about. It is also one of those areas that are regretfully overlooked during vacation planning.

    Nestled in Southern Utah, St. George is the golf capital of Utah. Golf courses in St. George and the surrounding areas are like none other with their rolling hills of lush green paired with the deep red of the canyon rocks. Experiencing pleasant weather year round and landscapes like you’ve never seen before, St. George and the surrounding areas offer the most unique and scenic setting for a game or two of golf. Even if you are not an avid golfer, these courses offer spectacular one-of-a kind views that everyone can enjoy.

    There are both public and private courses scattered across Southern Utah. One of the most popular locations for golfing is the Red Rock Golf Trail in St. George. Red Rock Trail features several remarkable courses that include: Sunbrook, Sky Mountain, Coral Canyon, Sun River, Falcon Ride, and Sand Hollow.

    Beyond Red Rock Golf Trail, there are several other golf clubs and resorts, all with their own unique offerings. Sunbrook Golf Club includes 27 championship holes and three 9-hole courses: Black Rock, Woodbridge, and the Pointe. Each hole on these courses has something a little unique about it, from holes carved from the rock of lava to holes bordering 100 foot cliffs off into the desert. Sunbrook is rated among the top courses in the state of Utah.

    Southgate Golf Club is tucked in the rolling hills of St. George with the Santa Clara River running through portions of the course. This features 6,100 yards of green with two unique nines. Southgate is great for golfers who want a little water related challenge on the course.

    Dixie Red Hills has been around for more than 40 years. This course is quite well known and features a 9-hole course with 34 layouts. Golfers can even enjoy some nice moments of shade beneath the Mondale Pines and Cottonwoods that are on the course.

    Lake Powell National Golf Course features 18 championship holes overlooking the Glen Canyon Dam as well Lake Powell. This course offers breathtaking views and a scenic layout that is ideal for any golfer.

    Whether you go to Sunbrook or Red Rock or any of the other courses and resorts in between, all golfers of all skill levels will find that golfing in Southern Utah is simply unique and irreplaceable. Mild weather, beautiful backdrops, and a challenging geography make for some of the best courses in the world.

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