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Utah Dinosaur Vacation

Many kids growing up are immediately intrigued when they start to learn about dinosaurs. Do you remember your first encounter with some dinosaur fossils? At St. George Dinosaur Discovery, you can literally witness some of the oldest dinosaur tracks on the planet, which date back to about 195 million years ago. This era was just the beginning of the period we now know as the Jurassic Period. These tracks were discovered back in 2000 (which is not that long ago, considering) and since then have become quite the attraction. People want to see evidence that dinosaurs truly existed, and now they can.

Dr. Sheldon Johnson was doing some work out in St. George, Utah when he came to a hill that needed to be excavated and leveled out. During that dig, he happened to come across perfectly preserved three dimensional dinosaur tracks that have now brought us to a new level of discovery. To date, more than 3500 tracks have been located across ten acres of land. Available on display along with other exhibits, you are welcome to join the staff as well as other onlookers to the Johnson Farm to witness this phenomenon yourself. With so much information to absorb and learn about, Utah has the newest dinosaur attraction that is open to the public seven days a week.

Scientists have also discovered different tail and skin impressions that clearly show the natural motion of swimming movements. Some other exciting news is that out of only five sitting impressions from a dinosaur, St. George’s houses one of them. Residents had absolutely no idea that such treasures laid right underneath the ground they were walking upon and they may never have known had Dr. Johnson not been leveling out his land. It was just a simple turn of one piece of rock in particular that welcomed everyone into a completely new world of undiscovered territory. Dr. Sheldon Johnson stated that the tracks were clearly visible and there was no mistaking what they were.

Once discovered, Dr. Johnson sold his property to the town of St. George who in turn assisted with funding so people from around the world could enjoy this spectacular and rare find. If you find that you have some spare time and are in for a great adventure, pack up the dinosaur lovers and do not forget to book your vacation rental with St. George Resort Rentals.

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