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    There are a lot of things to love about St. George, Utah. However, one thing in particular that stands out is how convenient it is to access so many different trails that happen to be so close to the downtown area of St. George. You can easily walk minutes from downtown and be exploring in the unique red rock landscape that prominently encompasses the area.

    A favorite trail to many in the area and visitors alike, is the Owen’s Loop. It begins just at the very north end of Main Street (which is not far from the Main Street and St. George Blvd. intersection) at Brooks Nature Park. Owen’s Loop follows the edge of  the northwest downtown area on the red rock bluffs above.

    You can start your enjoyable little hike onto the Owen’s Loop out by seeing the ducks play at Cox Pond and then head up a slight elevated climb through some shade…the only shade on the hike! As you make your way to the top of the climb walking along the trail you can stop along the rim and take in a really great view of St. George. As you continue on the dirt path trail you will be able to see some unique rock formations and mini arches.

    This trail provides some really incredible views. You can see the Pine Valley Mountains in the distance. If you stay on the full loop you can even see the Dixie Red Hills Golf Course looking down off of the rim further down the trail. If you do the full loop, it is approximately 4 miles roundtrip. The trail is not very difficult, however just be aware of where you are stepping…sometimes the rocks can get a little slick.

    This can be a fun little hike on your own or with your little family. Remember, if you area already downtown and need to get outside and use up some of that stored energy, Owen’s Loop is a great place to get the wiggles out, get a little bit of adventure in, and take in some beautiful city views!

    Washinto County Fair

    Nothing screams summer like a county fair does! The Washington County Fair brings summer to a close as it hosts its annual fair on August 12-15 out at the Washington County Fairgrounds just outside of St. George, Utah in Hurricane. The theme of this year’s county fair is “Super Fun” as it focuses on the many superheroes we have all grown to love!

    Wednesday, August 12, is the kickoff for the fair and it also happens to be family night! You can participate or watch anything from riding the zip-line to meeting ‘The Avengers’ while out at the Washington County Fair! For a full detailed scheduled of events at the Washington County fair Click Here. See the list of events and decide which night will have the most fun and entertainment for your family! Who knows…you may decide you want to hit the fair up every night! Who doesn’t love all the carnival rides and all the yummy fair food? I know I do! I will say that Saturday night is my favorite because I like to watch the famous “demolition derby” and get a few rides in at the carnival prior to catching the fireworks finale before the night is over!

    Here is some helpful information on costs and how to get to the Washington County Fair!

    • ADDRESS: 5500 West 700 South, Hurricane, Utah
    • DIRECTIONS: Washington County Regional Park. Take I-15 to the Hurricane Exit (Exit 16 — SR-9). Go approximately 3 miles. Turn right across from Quail Creek Reservoir. Look for the flags!
    • COST: Parking Fee $3 per car for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Parking Fee $5 per car for Saturday. There is NO entrance fee to fair.

    Did you also know about our super, awesome summer deal that can be used during the month of August when you come and stay to go to the fair? Don’t forget to apply the promo code: SUMMER2015 and your discount will be applied! Browse on our sidebar here and be sure and get your reservation with us booked to stay during ‘fair-time’ because it is definitely going to be a “Super Fun” week (August 12-15) at the Washington County Fair this year!


    When you are on vacation are you always on the go? Sometimes we go and go and crash mid trip. Why not book yourself a getaway with St. George Resort Rentals where you can get a little relaxation in too? Don’t wait…get yourself a reservation in one of our cozy condos and not only enjoy all the adventures in St. George, but also treat yourself to a little rest and relaxation while you’re at it! It is the perfect remedy!

    Here are a few ideas we think will help you unwind:

    • Put your feet up and relax on the couch or recliner
    • BBQ on your patio overlooking the pool (where you can still watch the kids swim & play)
    • Rent or watch a movie (all of our vacation rentals have DVD players and a number of them already have DVD’s available for your entertainment too)
    • Gather at the dining table as a family for games or to play cards
    • Stay in and cook a meal rather than going out
    • Enjoy all the space rather than being crammed in a hotel room all together.

    Sometimes a night in is just what you need after a long day of lots of fun and adventure here in the desert. The St. George sunshine can oftentimes take the energy right out of you!

    Be sure to take a look at the variety of private vacation homes and condos that St. George Resort Rentals has available. We promise that you will be able to not only have lots of fun, but enjoy and relax while on your next trip to St. George, Utah.

    Gunlock Rodeo


    The small town of Gunlock, which is just out of St. George about 30 minutes, is home to the annual Gunlock Rodeo, since 1945. This year this fun rodeo is being held on July 2-4, 2015 at the Gunlock Rodeo grounds, which makes it the 70th Annual Gunlock Rodeo.

    This is such a fun event to attend as it celebrates the old-fashioned, small town, rural America. The Gunlock Rodeo is filled with lots of events for all ages and is entertaining for the whole family too! It’ll be nail biting for the adults as they watch the tough cowboys try and get their 8 second ride, while the children are cheering on other kids as they too try to make their ride in the ‘mutton bustin’ event. It is always a crowd pleaser!

    Some of the events over the course of the 3 day event include:

    • Barrel Racing
    • Kid’s Boot Race
    • Breakaway
    • Bull Riding
    • Calf Roping
    • Kid’s Chicken Chase
    • Team Roping
    • Donkey Watermelon Race
    • Mutton Bustin’

    Admission Fees are:

    • Adults $5
    • Ages 6-12 $3
    • Ages 6 and Under are FREE

    As mentioned, Gunlock is just about 30 minutes outside of St. George and the drive isn’t bad at all. You can even make a stop at Gunlock Reservoir before or after the Gunlock Rodeo to cool off if you need to! So while you are staying with us at one of our comfortable St. George Vacation Rentals, you will have to be sure to head up to Gunlock one evening for some Cowboy fun at the Gunlock Rodeo.

    Here are driving directions to the arena for the Gunlock Rodeo:

    From I-15 take Exit 6 to Bluff Street and head North on Bluff up to Sunset Blvd., then head West on Sunset Blvd. where you will go through Santa Clara and continue North on Old Hwy 91. Follow the signs to Gunlock. The address to the Gunlock Rodeo Arena is: 77 North Main Street, Gunlock, Utah 84733

    If you haven’t already made your reservations to be in St. George over the 4th, do it now! Click on the sidebar to browse all of our St. George Resort Rentals so you can start planning your St. George, Utah summer vacation!


    Washington County’s spectacular red rock landscape has been the backdrop for a variety of movies over the years, including “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” the Academy award winner for cinematography, best original screen play and best music (for Burt Bacharach’s “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head”) and a nomination for Best Movie of 1969.  Other movies filmed in and around St. George are Jeremiah Johnson, Electric Horseman, Flyboys and High School Musical 1 and 2.  This area is also popular for television commercials and recently can be seen in several recent releases and YouTube productions showcasing the musical talent of the Piano Guys.

    In a world where only 4% of movie watchers actually go to a theater where they can sit in the dark and eat popcorn, St. George draws ‘em in … especially on Tuesday when all seats in all 4 movie complexes play first run or still popular flicks at a bargain price of $5 per person.  The rest of the week, admission costs are still comparatively inexpensive at the Stadium 8 or Pineview 10 theaters, while those movies showing at Main Street or Red Cliffs Cinemas are always offered at a discount. 

    You and the kids will also enjoy Sunset on the Square (see, a free opportunity to enjoy popular, family-friendly movies shown on a blow-up screen in the middle of St. George’s Town Square.  Bring your blankets, lawn chairs and a picnic lunch or purchase snow cones, popcorn or pizza and soft drinks sold by local vendors every 2nd and 4th Friday night at dusk from late May to late August.

    If you would prefer a quiet evening in the comfort of your vacation condo, there are always movie rentals available from any Red Box location.  So curl up on one of our comfortable couches or super soft beds, yours for a week or a month by registering online today!


    Who doesn’t love Spring skiing/snowboarding? I don’t know anyone that doesn’t! So many of our St. George Resort Rental guests love to come and stay with us, but escape for the day to hit the Southern Utah slopes up at Brian Head Resort. Right now the snow is great and the temperatures up on the mountain are even better! Did you know that Brian Head Resort is just under an hour and a half from St. George (mostly all interstate)? It is an easy drive up to “The Greatest Snow on Earth” to Brian Head Resort!

    Brian Head Resort has recently done various upgrades to the resort, the most notable being ‘Giant Steps Express.’ Giant Steps Express is the newest high-speed detachable quad chairlift. This lift replaced chair #2 and now Giant Steps Express gets you up to the top of the mountain in half the time! (Think of all the extra runs you can get in with all that extra time!)

    Brian Head Resort covers just over 650 acres of Utah’s famous powder! It also is currently running 8 chairlifts and has 71 runs! Brian Head Resort is such a great place for both novice and advanced skiers and snowboarders and is an extremely family friendly resort. The resort itself connects the two mountains, Giant Steps and Navajo, together, so there are plenty of runs to explore throughout the day.

    This 2014-2015 Season at Brian Head Resort is celebrating 50 years and you can get full day Monday-Friday weekday lift tickets for just $35! How awesome is that?! It will be the best $35 you spend for the day!

    Not only can you head up to Brian Head to go skiing or snowboarding, but they have an incredibly fun tube hill that is located at the Navajo Tube Hill.  For more information on the resort and the tube hill visit:

    Be sure to plan your next getaway to one of our inviting St. George Resort Rentals and plan an afternoon to escape up to Brian Head Resort to get in some of the best Spring skiing/snowboarding in. Be sure to have a T-shirt on hand, you probably won’t need your parka!

    Fill out the form on this page to find one of our St. George Resort Rentals that will work best for you and your budget!

    st george dixie rock

    Have you come to visit St. George, Utah and hear the locals talk about the `Sugarloaf`?  Well…do you really have any idea what they are talking about? For those of you who have visited us here in St. George for a number of years or even those of you who are visiting St. George Resort Rentals for the first time, you are sure to see it and hear someone talk about it too. The Sugarloaf is a beautiful location up in the red sandstone rocks and is a lookout of the city of St. George. You can best identify this spot because “DIXIE” is painted on the red sandstone in big white letters!

    After having lived here in St. George, I notice that younger generations will refer to it as Dixie Rock, whereas if you speak to someone who has deep family roots here, you will hear it referred to as The Sugarloaf, especially from the elder locals here in town. Whatever one calls it, The Sugarloaf is a great spot to get out and explore the red rocks while staying close to town’s proximity! It is pretty easy hiking around up there with plenty of parking close by and lots of picnic tables to enjoy some snacks or even have lunch if you wanted. If you do make your way up to the Dixie Rock, be sure to make your way through the small slot canyon, up the carved stairs, and over the steel bridge. That will lead you to an incredible outlook point of St. George, Utah as you look to the South and views of Snow Canyon as you look to the West.

    Just below the Dixie Rock is Red Hills Parkway and parallel with the road is a nice paved walking, running, biking trail system. It is a great way to take in the city views and take in the nice Southern Utah fresh air. So gather your family together and come down and stay with St. George Resort Rentals and come and experience all the adventure to be had at St. George`s very own Sugarloaf….or Dixie Rock!

    Veyo Pies

    Veyo Pies

    I hope you all celebrated National Pie Day this year because the staff of St. George Resort Rentals sure did! The best thing about this special day is you don’t have to make up an excuse ‘why’ you are going to have pie since there is a whole day dedicated to it. Not that we need an excuse to have pie…

    Well, we want to tell you about our favorite place to get pie, that is definitely worth the 20 minute drive to get the best of the best. It is a real diamond in the rough. We doubt you have ever heard of Veyo, Utah, but that is the pie destination. If you do know of Veyo, Utah then you already know how amazing the pies are!

    Now it is not just any pie, it is a “Veyo Pie.” Veyo Pies has been around for almost 30 years and they have such a great variety of pies to choose from, it can be difficult to choose which kind to get. Or if you want to try a few different kinds, get a couple of slices to go! It takes just about 20 minutes from St. George to get to Veyo is all, but the scenery on the drive there doesn’t get any better! You can visit their website at

    So next time you come to stay at one of our St. George, Utah Vacation Rentals, be sure to head out on SR-18 (head north at the Bluff and Snow Canyon Parkway intersection) and make an afternoon of it. We promise, you will not be disappointed! There are some really great trails you can stop at along the way or just to stop and pull off the road to get a couple of snapshots if anything. You can pullout at the Chuckawalla Trailhead and take in the beautiful Snow Canyon views, check things out at the Cinder Cone trail and try to make your way to the top, or even stop and golf at the Ledges and enjoy the beautiful course! There are lots of things you could get out and do to make your way to get a taste of the famous Veyo Pies.

    Since our full kitchens are so accommodating, we do recommend to get a whole pie for the rest of your vacation. It really does make for the perfect midnight snack! ENJOY!

    St. George Children’s Museum

    St. George Children's Museum

    As many of you may or may not know, the city of St. George recently opened a wonderful and interactive Children’s Museum for our community and it’s visitors right in the heart of the city in Town Square! This museum has awesome exhibits, where some are new, but some of the exhibits also originated at other museums – they have all come together so well and children of all ages can enjoy playing, learning, and having fun in each of them! I especially love how the St. George community and it’s history were tied into the exhibits.

    This amazing facility is all volunteer-based. It is so wonderful to observe the gift of creativity and imagination that the volunteers help give each child as they enter into the museum. There is currently not an admission fee when visiting the Children’s Museum, but they do ask for donations to be given if possible to help keep things running!

    There are the two levels at the museum and they are fully utilized for fun in every square inch! The imagination for the kids is endless. A few of my favorite exhibits were:

    • Desert Discovery
    • Skywest Airplane
    • Radio Station and Performance Stage
    • Paper Airplane station

    There really is an exhibit that will cater to every child’s interest – just be careful if you are on a time table because time can easily slip away from you there from having so much fun! It really is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with the kids when you come and stay at one of our St. George Vacation Rentals!

    For more information you can visit their website at


    Those looking to come visit one of our St. George, Ut Vacation Rentals are in for an excellent vacation when traveling to the Southwest! St. George has so many things to offer its tourists from all over the world who visit all year round for a variety of reasons.

    For the outdoor enthusiast: There are a plethora of options to do in the outdoors here. You can navigate any of the trails and parks by hiking, biking, or even running! Let’s not forget that being outdoors also means you are surrounded by the beautiful red rocks that envelop the area. You can escape to these trails straight from the resort or even take the afternoon to escape up to Zion National Park, which is one of the most picturesque places in the world.

    For the culinary critic: There endless restaurants to choose from while visiting St. George. Choices range enjoying authentic Japanese, American, Mexican, Italian, Hawaiian, Mediterranean, and many others! While visiting, be sure to try out one of the many restaurants that you may not have ever tried before, there are some great local restaurants here that will definitely not disappoint your taste buds! Do you love a good dessert treat too? Well, there just happens to be a never-ending list of locations to get cupcakes, ice cream, frozen yogurt, pies, cookies, and a variety of other gourmet treats!

    For the history buff: The early pioneers settled St. George, which is also known as Utah’s Dixie, in 1861. There happens to be a handful of places to visit and learn more specifics about the area, the people, and learn what life was like in Utah’s Dixie.

    For the art lover: St. George is the home of to many art galleries, St. George Art Museum, Wildlife Museum, the Southwest Symphony Orchestra, and the Southern Utah Heritage Choir. When visiting downtown it is evident that this community supports the arts after seeing the popular display and self-tour of the Art Around the Corner’s bronze statues placed throughout downtown area.

    Clearly, a St. George Resort Rental vacation is perfect for anyone! Our community caters to a variety of tastes and St. George Resort Rentals will cater to you!

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