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    Pictured: Close to Home … Our Own Spectacular National Parks, a juried, all media exhibit at the St. George Art Museum features what Utah tourism marketers have dubbed “the Mighty 5.”  Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands and Arches National Parks are considered the state’s top national parks, because they draw millions of visitors from around the world to enjoy the spectacular scenery, slot canyons, hoodoos, hiking, biking, rafting, exploring, stargazing … and a few of those visitors even schedule the opportunity to capture the amazing views with paint and canvass.

    Here in Southern Utah we are particularly proud of these parks, two of which are not only “Close to Home,” but Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks are right here in our own backyard.

    We encourage you to drive the 50 miles from downtown St. George to view Zion National Park for yourself.  Bryce Canyon is a little further north, but definitely worth the trip. 

    After your trip to one or all of these spectacular national treasures, stop by the St. George Art Museum where artistic depictions in a variety of mediums are available for you to relive your memories. 

    The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. at 47 E. 200 North.  There is a small admission fee, but your payment will help the museum continue toward their goal to purchase art for their permanent collection.

    For those of you who are thinking about a vacation getaway not “Close to Home,” you’ll want to register online for a comfortable, affordable and beautiful vacation home-away-from-home.  See for accommodations at the St. George Resort Rentals or for Five Seasons Vacation condominiums. We’ll be waiting for you!

    Zion National Park boasts some of the world’s best canyon hiking trails, which never disappoint. From rushing rivers and streams to impressive spires and steep canyon sides, hikes through Zion National Park are unique and fun. Some trails require permits while others do not, so find out before setting out on one of the many trails available to hikers. Each trail has its own challenges and breathtaking scenes.

    The Narrowsare perhaps one of the most popular trails in Zion with 3.1 miles that follows the Virgin River. The trail begins and ends at Temple of Sinawava. This trail is perfect for a hot day because hikers walk through water most of the time. If you want to add on to that 3.1 miles, you can follow the trail up to Orderville Gulch which will add 2.5 miles onto your hike, right into the canyon. Many hikers take the trail to the top and then hike back down to Temple of Sinawava. If you want to go even further, consider Chamberlain Ranch down to Temple of Sinawava, a 16 mile route with the trailhead located near the North Fork Road. Permits are required for this trail.

    Angel’s Landingis a 2.5 mile hike perfect for the thrill seeker as it takes hikers to the top of Angel’s Landing, a sandstone fin 1,488 above the floor of the canyon. This trail begins across from the Grotto Picnic Area at Zion Canyon where the terrain is pretty flat until the series of switchbacks leads hikers to Refrigerator Canyon. After Refrigerator Canyon, hikers navigate through 21 switchbacks, known as Walter’s Wiggles. Hikers then reach the ridge at Scouts Lookout where you climb the challenging Hogsback, which is very steep and has chains to help you stay on the edge of the cliff. Finally, you reach the final stop of Angel’s Landing Summit. This trail is very steep but fairly easy to maneuver.

    The Subway, named after the 4 mile pipeline gorge, is a strenuous trail that requires hikers to swim, climb and hike. The trail follows the North Creek the entire way. Most hikers take this trail from the top down, with a hike that includes rappelling and climbing down through waterfalls. This trail begins at the Wildcat Trailhead, The subway lower end wraps up the trail with a small waterfall where you then hike downstream to the Left Fork Trailhead where you then climb out of the canyon and catch the shuttle. Shuttle and permits are required for this trail.

    After a long day of hiking on any one of these trails, enjoy a beautiful and rejuvenating stay at Cable Mountain Lodge, nestled just near the cliffs of Zion National Park. Guests can rest, relax, and enjoy a swim in the heated pool overlooking the Virgin River and Zion Canyon. This Zion lodge also features a pub, market, and free shuttle service.  

    To hike or not to hike? That is never the question to ask when you’re in Southern Utah. When you’re staying with us at Five Seasons Vacation Rentals, the answer is a big, “Yes!”
    Ever heard of Angel’s Landing, in Zion National Park?
    View from Angel's Landing
    You will never experience beauty like this. It’ll literally take your breath away, from both the strenuousness of the hike or with the unbelievable, incomparable scenic views from both below and above the trail. However, if you happen to be afraid of heights, I would definitely recommend choosing a different hike. Seriously, no one will want to carry you back down.
    Angel’s Landing can be hiked all year round (unless weather is not permitting), but it is recommended to hike from March through October. We at Five Seasons like to go during any of our “five seasons.” You know: hot, really hot, warm, cool, and kind of cold.
    Up the Hill We GoYou have to make sure you allows yourself an ample amount of time to complete this 5 mile hike; the average time to complete all of  the Angel’s Landing trail is around 5 hours. Not too bad. With it being such a popular hike, you’ll see a lot of faces along the trail, but it works because everyone takes the trail at their own pace.
    Angel’s Landing is well maintained, and the first few miles of the trail happen to be paved. Be prepared to get your wiggles out as you go through “Walter’s Wiggles,” which are the 21 switchbacks that you get to pass through. Isn’t that best part, though?
    Nothing can prepare you for the last stretch of sheer cliffs on an extremely narrow fin. However, once you pass through that and take a few deep breaths, you arrive at the lookout at a peak of 5,785 feet.  It’s pretty much like gazing into heaven.
    Look at the pictures, do some research, and plan a vacation! One of our St. George vacation rentals is waiting for your!
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