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Bloomington Caves in St. George, Utah

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Are you coming to vacation to one of our luxurious St. George, Utah Vacation Rentals and want to enjoy some serious outdoor adventure? Well you are in for a definite treat. If you are interested in exploring new places, the Bloomington Caves is one adventure you do no want to miss out on  – some really great rock climbing (and crawling). The best part is that it is accessible year-round!

The local BLM field office has set up a great system to allow the public to use this awesome cave where it also allows them to regulate it so that there doesn’t end up being a huge group of people at once, vandalism, or unwanted animals entering the caves. So it is necessary to get a permit before going to the site. You can go to this website to begin your process of obtaining a permit for you and your group to visit the Bloomington Caves just outside of St. George.

In preparation to go be sure to take a few things that will be extremely useful and make your experience more enjoyable:

  • helmet
  • headlamp (hands-free flashlight)
  • back-up flashlights
  • light pack with water and snacks
  • knee-pads (you do a fair share of crawling)
  • rope
  • good hiking/climbing shoes/boots
  • jacket/sweater

I recently went with a group of people and among the group were a few experienced climbers (which I was definitely glad to have someone who knew what they were doing). I have been to other caves before, but by no means would I classify myself as an experienced climber.

To set the mood for you, the sun is beginning to set outside and temperatures are chilly with a slight breeze. As we get to the entrance of the cave you can immediately feel the humidity and warmth as we all began to enter into the cave. A few in the group even had some fogged glasses at first. According to the BLM surveyors the Bloomington Caves are at approximately 58 degrees year-round, but due to the humidity it did feel a little warmer than that.

As you are inside this incredible tectonic cave you just continue on exploring the maze in front of you. There are different levels to climb, passages to squeeze through narrow spots, some slippery surfaces where you are sliding, and others where you have to literally crawl your way through. The routes have been marked inside the cave, which is extremely helpful since it is so dark inside the caves. It is especially unique as you stop and look around at your surroundings as you are inside the cave. It really is incredible! Look at the formations, faults, soda straws, and other stalagmites – pretty unique I would say! To say the least, it was an amazing new adventure and perfect winter activity!

To give you a better idea check out this virtual tour created by the local BLM here:

So for the next time you come and stay with us at one of our St. George Vacation Rentals in St. George, Utah – you will have to be sure and give this a try!

For more information on the Bloomington Caves go here:


  • This is a fantastic video, many experienced cavers say it is more difficult than they had expected. If you decide to take on the adventures of Bloomington Cave you will first have to have a permit, then you will have crawl in several areas,

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