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    Nestled in Southern Utah, St. George is the golf capital of Utah. Golf courses in St. George and the surrounding areas are like none other with their rolling hills of lush green paired with the deep red of the canyon rocks. Experiencing pleasant weather year round and landscapes like you’ve never seen before, St. George and the surrounding areas offer the most unique and scenic setting for a game or two of golf. Even if you are not an avid golfer, these courses offer spectacular one-of-a kind views that everyone can enjoy.

    There are both public and private courses scattered across Southern Utah. One of the most popular locations for golfing is the Red Rock Golf Trail in St. George. Red Rock Trail features several remarkable courses that include: Sunbrook, Sky Mountain, Coral Canyon, Sun River, Falcon Ride, and Sand Hollow.

    Beyond Red Rock Golf Trail, there are several other golf clubs and resorts, all with their own unique offerings. Sunbrook Golf Club includes 27 championship holes and three 9-hole courses: Black Rock, Woodbridge, and the Pointe. Each hole on these courses has something a little unique about it, from holes carved from the rock of lava to holes bordering 100 foot cliffs off into the desert. Sunbrook is rated among the top courses in the state of Utah.

    Southgate Golf Club is tucked in the rolling hills of St. George with the Santa Clara River running through portions of the course. This features 6,100 yards of green with two unique nines. Southgate is great for golfers who want a little water related challenge on the course.

    Dixie Red Hills has been around for more than 40 years. This course is quite well known and features a 9-hole course with 34 layouts. Golfers can even enjoy some nice moments of shade beneath the Mondale Pines and Cottonwoods that are on the course.

    Lake Powell National Golf Course features 18 championship holes overlooking the Glen Canyon Dam as well Lake Powell. This course offers breathtaking views and a scenic layout that is ideal for any golfer.

    Whether you go to Sunbrook or Red Rock or any of the other courses and resorts in between, all golfers of all skill levels will find that golfing in Southern Utah is simply unique and irreplaceable. Mild weather, beautiful backdrops, and a challenging geography make for some of the best courses in the world.

    One of the many things we love about St. George is all of the history that our charming little city has right in the heart of downtown St. George. Locals and tourists alike have the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful and historic buildings in the west. There is so much that can be learned when visiting any of these sites, whether one is interested in religion, architecture, woodwork, photography, or all of them, you will definitely enjoy the tours and be glad you did not skip out!

    Quick History

    St. George was originally settled by 309 families that were called to establish the area under the direction of Brigham Young in 1861 as a cotton mission. This area was named after an Apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, George A. Smith. The early settlers did in fact grow cotton to be self-sufficient during the time of the American Civil War, but never in the competitive market. One can often hear St. George being referred to as “Utah’s Dixie” for that very reason.

    To this day there are multiple historic buildings here in St. George, Utah to visit and to learn more about the early St. George settlers. Here are a few notable buildings and sites that are definitely worth stopping by for a quick tour when coming to visit St. George:

    St. George, Utah Temple

    St. George, Utah Temple

    The St. George, Utah Temple was completed in 1877 and was specifically designed to sit in the center of town. It was the first completed temple in Utah and is currently still in operation for the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. There is a Visitors Center on the temple grounds also available to the public to visit and tour.

    Brigham Young Winter House

    Brigham Young Winter House

    The Brigham Young Winter Home is a historic residence that was built in 1871 and is now currently open to the public as a museum. The early settlers built the home for Brigham young, who at the time was the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Much of the home was built using many of the common resources that are found in the area and other nearby places, such as the sandstone, wood from the Pine Valley Mountain Wilderness, and not to mention most of the furniture in the home built by Brigham Young himself. It is a beautiful home and it is popular among many local photographers for photography sessions.

    St. George, Utah Tabernacle

    St. George, Utah Tabernacle

    The St. George, Utah Tabernacle is yet another popular historic building to visit downtown. The Tabernacle was originally built to be the city’s public works building, to host court hearings, hold church services, and other public events. It was completed in 1876 and was nicknamed “jewel of the desert.” It is still open today to tour and it continues to hold a number of different community events.

    When visiting any or all of these buildings, enjoy all of the beautiful detail that was done by hand by the early settlers of St. George. It is incredible to see such amazing buildings still in working order after over one hundred thirty years ago.

    Book your stay at one of our luxurious St. George vacation rentals, and enjoy a fantastic summer exploring one-of-a-kind St. George, Utah.

    St. George, Utah Farmer's MarketWhen staying at one of our sunny St. George vacation rentals, Saturday mornings are always eventful! Sure, you probably have your schedule booked from dusk to dawn.  However, what better way to enjoy a morning stroll then spending it with some of the locals and tourists alike downtown at the local St. George Farmer’s Market?

    In Historic downtown St. George at Ancestor Square, they host a community non-profit farmer’s market where fresh produce can be purchased along with lovely handmade crafts and yummy treats. This year, it begins May 11 and runs through October 26 on every Saturday morning beginning at 8 AM – 12 PM.

    While everyone’s busy buying and selling, there is always a band that playing in the courtyard area. It’s nice to just sit and enjoy the friendly tunes and soak in some of the fabulous St. George sunshine.

    Visiting these Saturday markets will help you gain that sense of community and local support that so many of us are striving to be a part of here in St. George.

    While you’re downtown, don’t forget about some of St. George Resort Rentals’ favorite local eateries nearby. These scrumpious eats will definitely not disappoint your taste buds, even if it’s just a cup of coffee or hot chocolate from The Bear Paw. Be sure to try something new that you wouldn’t be able to get where you’re from; eating out is so much more fun that way, don’t you think?

    To hike or not to hike? That is never the question to ask when you’re in Southern Utah. When you’re staying with us at Five Seasons Vacation Rentals, the answer is a big, “Yes!”
    Ever heard of Angel’s Landing, in Zion National Park?
    View from Angel's Landing
    You will never experience beauty like this. It’ll literally take your breath away, from both the strenuousness of the hike or with the unbelievable, incomparable scenic views from both below and above the trail. However, if you happen to be afraid of heights, I would definitely recommend choosing a different hike. Seriously, no one will want to carry you back down.
    Angel’s Landing can be hiked all year round (unless weather is not permitting), but it is recommended to hike from March through October. We at Five Seasons like to go during any of our “five seasons.” You know: hot, really hot, warm, cool, and kind of cold.
    Up the Hill We GoYou have to make sure you allows yourself an ample amount of time to complete this 5 mile hike; the average time to complete all of  the Angel’s Landing trail is around 5 hours. Not too bad. With it being such a popular hike, you’ll see a lot of faces along the trail, but it works because everyone takes the trail at their own pace.
    Angel’s Landing is well maintained, and the first few miles of the trail happen to be paved. Be prepared to get your wiggles out as you go through “Walter’s Wiggles,” which are the 21 switchbacks that you get to pass through. Isn’t that best part, though?
    Nothing can prepare you for the last stretch of sheer cliffs on an extremely narrow fin. However, once you pass through that and take a few deep breaths, you arrive at the lookout at a peak of 5,785 feet.  It’s pretty much like gazing into heaven.
    Look at the pictures, do some research, and plan a vacation! One of our St. George vacation rentals is waiting for your!
    For more information and on Angel’s Landing, go to:

    Let’s face it. With the amount of uncertainties that life offers today, it’s almost impossible to avoid stress. There’s a myriad of causes of stress today, and there’s only so much that can relieve that stress.

    Zion National Park Near St. George, Utah

    It’s actually medical fact that regular vacations (large or small) can drastically decrease the amount of stress in your life and even lower your risk of heart disease. We didn’t make that up.

    Spending a week or two, or even a few days, away from your workplace and other areas of stress can help you to relax your mind and body.

    From experience, whenever I’ve taken a vacation – making sure priorities are taken care of before I leave – things start to clear up. My perspective on certain things changes. My attitude changes. I smile and laugh more. Most importantly, I feel happier and ready for new challenges. All of that comes from taking a few days away from emails and escaping to somewhere I can relax.

    Sunshine is always good during a vacation. It improves your mood and is known to fend off depression. St. George is full of sunshine all year long. When it’s snowing up in Salt Lake, the palm tree are glowing down in St. George. We’re full of vitamin D down here in Southern Utah.

    Some people show up at our St. George vacation rentals a bit flustered and impatient. 2 days later, those same people are relaxed, smiling, and enjoying life. I love seeing that!

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