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Zion Canyon Theatre

Zion Canyon Theatre is definitely a unique big screen and it just so happens to be in our neck of the woods. The Zion Canyon theatre is actually the largest screen in all of Utah and even one of the biggest in the world!

  • Zion Canyon Theatre opened on May 26, 1994
  • Largest screen in all of Utah
  • Measures 60 feet high and 82 feet across
  • Has a “Stacked Projection System” which allows them to show 3D films
  • Their digital surround sound system is capable of 22,000 watts
  • Located at the mouth of Zion National Park
  • Shows documentaries and Hollywood featured films

The documentary “Zion Canyon – Treasure of the Gods” is a great film to go and see if you don’t have the time to get out and explore Zion National Park like you want to! Zion Canyon Theatre says this about the film “Zion Canyon – Treasure of the Gods”: “Stretching across time and seasons, Treasure of the Gods helps visitors explore the hidden depths and the legends of Zion National Park and the great southwestern Indian Lands.

Another great thing about Zion Canyon Theatre is that they also show Hollywood films! Watching it on a screen as big as this one, makes you feel like you are in the film – it’s pretty incredible and well worth it to go and see a film there! Check their site here for their Hollywood featured film, as it changes every couple of weeks.

So as you venture up to Zion be sure to stop in to Zion Canyon Theatre to be in awe of how awesome the theatre is all in itself, but seeing a show is for sure the added bonus! Don’t miss out!

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