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Managing Our Most Valuable Resource

The most important resource here in our high desert community is water although, it seems, there is always too much or too little!  Conservation is a constant topic for discussion among local leaders concerned how a long hot summer during a dry year should be handled or how to plan for water needs here in the nation’s 6th fastest growing community when the population – at its current rate of growth – is expected to see 75,000 – 90,000 new residents in the next 5-8 years.

So important is this issue to residents and visitors in our community, the Washington County Conservancy District and the City of St. George have joined forces to host a free, family-friendly Water Week every spring as a reminder – at the beginning of the hot summer season – to conserve, conserve, conserve!

According to recent reports, the City of St. George has invested more than $16 million in the past 15 years developing  an efficient water infrastructure system, including a watewater treatment plant designed to convert waste water into irrigation water; replacing or retrofitting more than 23,000 meters with automatic readings; replacing failing water lines in the older sections of the community; and, launching a leak detection program.  Additionally, the city has issued rebates to those who have replaced nearly 2,000 water-efficient toilets; and, partnered with the Washington County Water Conservancy District in creating water conservation demonstration gardens known as the Red Hills Desert Garden and The Garden at Tonaquint Park.

Other municipalities in the county have followed suit.  Washington City, for instance, has spent nearly $9 adding almost 14 miles of transmission and distribution lines, replaced about 900 service lines and 100 fire hydrants to improve its water infrastructure.  The City of Hurricane has repaired and replaced facility water distribution pipelines, and converted their open canals to pipeline systems – at a cost of $4 million.

Even visitors are encouraged to conserve by turning off the water while shaving or brushing your teeth; taking short showers instead of baths; plugging the sink, rather than running water over dirty dishes; or washing only full loads of laundry.  All this can help … and, did you know most of the water coming out of your taps has travelled 100 miles, been through a 4-hour treatment process and tested multiple times before it gets to your faucet?

Every gallon of water saved is one less gallon wasted so we thank you ahead of time for helping us conserve this precious resource,  whether you are here for a week, a month or more.  So, now that you are guaranteed to have plenty of water in which to swim, boat or shower during your Southern Utah getaway, register online today for your beautiful, affordable home-away-from-home vacation resort rental at stgeorgeresortrentals.com for accommodations at the St. George Resort Rentals or laspalmasresortcondos.com for Five Seasons Vacation condominiums.  We look forward to meeting you … or to seeing you again!

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