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There’s really not much about our hometown we don’t like … so “warning” visitors away from anything here in the fastest growing community in the U. S., may seem counter-intuitive. But, to be sure you enjoy every aspect of your vacation in our community, here are five suggestions of things we think you’ll want to avoid when vacationing in St. George:

1. Dixie Regional Medical Center

The major medical referral center for northwestern Arizona, southeastern Nevada and southern Utah are Dixie Regional Medical Center, a nationally recognized and award-winning, 245-bed member of Intermountain Health Care, Inc., a corporation President Barack Obama identified by name and called, “a possible national model in big health care.”

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William Blake

William Blake in Hollywood tells the story of a British literary professor who has authored a compelling biography about the visionary English poet and painter … William Blake. In its world-premiere performance, this show carries the audience and the professor to Hollywood where he hopes his book will be adapted into a blockbuster movie. When an attractive young woman makes her way into the professor’s life – and his bungalow – sparks begins to fly as the present reflects the past.

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Jake's Women

Neil Simon’s JAKE’S WOMEN is a premiere performance at the Neil Simon Festival of one of the playwright’s funniest shows ever.  Jake’s Women finds the central character, a novelist with more fictional than real life success as he tries to work through a marital crisis after he is found daydreaming about women he has known in the early days of his life.  As reality and fiction blur with wildly comedic and sometimes moving flashbacks, he begins to question his own sanity.

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Family having fun

Movies in the Park

When the news of our local leaders’ intention to tear down everything except the anchor buildings on the north, south, east and west corners of an entire block in the center of downtown St. George, to put in grass, the announcement was met with disbelief!  What could our leaders have been thinking in what is now the #1 fastest growing metro-area in the US and where land is anything but affordable?

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Rodger and Hammerstein's Cinderella

We all know this delightful story because Cinderella’s story has been featured in children’s books, as well as on the stage and the big screen for generations, entertaining the young and not-so-young.

The loving, kind and imaginative Ella is bullied by her wicked stepmother and two decidedly difficult, cruel and unattractive stepsisters, all who relegate her to servitude after the death of her father.

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Henry VI Shakespeare Festival

Henry VI, Part One at Shakespeare

In the opening scenes of Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part 1, an underage boy has assumed the throne of England after his father’s recent death. War is waging in neighboring France and English nobles are fighting against each other. In this seldom produced historical account, Shakespeare gathers these plot lines together, creating a powerful story of a country on the brink of a bloody civil war.

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There is exciting news happening in St George at the Las Palmas Resort!  The Las Palmas Resort has recently agreed to purchase the Green Valley amenities and starting July 1st guests will have access to ALL the amenities.  So that means all guests at Las Palmas will no longer need to stay in a condo that has a membership required to use those amenities – all condos at Las Palmas will have unlimited access.

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Merchant of Venice

Merchant of Venice Returns to Cedar City

Whether you consider this thought-provoking 16th century tragic/comedy masterpiece by William Shakespeare a story of love and humor or one of racism and greed, The Bard’s controversial play will touch your heart with Its modern and relevant themes and memorable characters drawn from today’s headlines.  Though written in the 16th century, in modern society Merchant of Venice will still cause you to pause and think about justice and mercy, the complexity of humankind, and the nature of forgiveness and love.

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Othello at Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s Othello is considered the most famous literary exploration of passion, anguish, suspicion, jealousy, betrayal and racism.  This fast moving and painful look at the worst of human behavior by the “big dog of English theater” explores – in haunting dialog – how fear and jealousy can destroy the most intelligent minds and the purest of loves.

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Ironman Running

Ironman 70.3

Described as an early-season race with breathtaking American Southwest scenery, and fresh, crisp spring air, the Ironman 70.3 in St. George, UT is considered, “the toughest race I have ever done. I did a full last year and it was easier than this half. I have done three difficult ones, but St. George is so much tougher. I was good until Snow Canyon … about killed me for the run.  They say St. George is the second toughest race there is and I believe it, but what could possibly be the number 1 toughest??? Love the town and the people!!”

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